League Of Legends: 10 Champions Who Could Be Straw Hat Pirates

League of Legends has been around for more than a decade, and millions of people play it every single day, which makes it one of the most popular video games in the world. The game now has more than 150 Champions, and they all have unique abilities and interesting backstories.

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One Piece is a long-running anime series that mainly focuses on Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. The Straw Hats are pirates, but they are not ruthless cutthroats who make a living by attacking ships and ports, unlike other irredeemable characters. The crew is made up of ten individuals, but there is always room for more, and there are actually a few League Champions who would fit in pretty well with the crew.

10 Luffy Would Love Zoe’s Mischievous Personality

Luffy has quite a few friends, and if he met Zoe, he would probably invite her to join the crew immediately. Zoe may look like a harmless child, but she is actually a cosmic being who is thousands of years old, and she is known for putting enemies to sleep and firing starlight at them.

Zoe is the living embodiment of mischief and imagination, which means that she will appeal to Luffy’s immature side. If Luffy’s entertained by her antics, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook will be too.

9 Lulu Would Be A Mink With Entertaining Abilities

Each Straw Hat has lost at least one fight, but some of those losses could have been avoided if Lulu was part of the crew.  Lulu is a Yordle mage, and she is one of League’s best supports because she is capable of increasing her ally’s speed and transforming her enemies into cute little creatures.

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She commands a tiny fairy named, Pix, and she can use Pix to fire magical missiles at her enemies or order her to shield her allies. Her ultimate would come in handy as well since it causes her allies’ bodies to expand while also giving them more health.

8 Nidalee Would Be The Crew’s Best Tracker

One Piece is filled with different kinds of Devil Fruits, and Zoan-types allow humans to transform into animals. Nidalee is a Jungler who has the ability to turn into a cougar, so she would definitely fit in like a Devil Fruit user if she joined the Straw Hats.

The Straw Hats have a navigator, a doctor, a chef, an archeologist, a musician, a helmsman, and a shipwright, but they do not have a tracker. Not only is Nidalee skilled with a spear, but she is also a master tracker who can find anyone.

7 Ivern Is A Kind Soul Who Wishes To Enrich The World’s Forests

Every single Straw Hat is a kind person, and Ivern is arguably the kindest Champion in League. Ivern roams the forests of Runeterra, where he helps to cultivate life, and over the course of his travels, he has learned all the secrets of the natural world.

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If Ivern were to join the Straw Hats, he would give the crew a better understanding of the Sea Kings, and he would likely have information regarding the infamous Void Century. He would also be able to further cultivate Usoop’s Green Pops in order to make them more useful in battle.

6 Zac Is A Sentient Being Who Goes Out Of His Way To Help People

The Straw Hats may be pirates, but they are all willing to help people in need, which is a trait they share with Zac. This Champion was born in Zaun after a toxic spill mixed with a chemtech seam, and he has been coming to people’s aid ever since he became a sentient being with a sense of right and wrong.

His entire body is made of ooze, which means that bullets and swords will pass through him as if he is a Logia user. He is also capable of diving into large groups of enemies and stretching his body like Luffy.

5 Ezreal Is An Adventurer Who Can Help Robin

Ezreal is one of League’s most popular Champions, and he is known for being a charming adventurer who raids catacombs and tombs in search of ancient items. Robin is the Straw Hats’ archeologist, and if she were to share her data with Ezreal, he might be able to help the crew find the final Road Poneyglyph.

Ezreal is also capable of holding his own in a fight, as he can charge up and fire arcane energy. If he gets caught in a tricky situation, he can use that same energy to teleport to safety.

4 The Straw Hats Would Welcome Amumu With Open Arms

Amumu is a very versatile jungler who can bind and stun enemies, and his main source of damage comes from his sadness. Amumu died a long time ago, and he now wanders Runterra in search of a friend, but no one wishes to associate with him because he is viewed as a cursed child who gets anyone around him killed.

Luffy doesn’t care about curses, and when he hears Amumu’s story, he will invite him to join the crew to prove to him that everyone is capable of having friends. Brook is literally a living skeleton who has become a cherished member of the crew, so no one would have a problem with Amumu joining.

3 Poppy’s Quest Fits In Well With The Rest Of The Straw Hats’

Each Straw Hat has their own quest, like Zoro’s quest to become the world’s greatest swordsman and Sanji’s quest to find the All Blue. Poppy is an armored Yordle who carries the legendary hammer of Orlon, and she is currently on a quest to find the fabled hero who is destined to wield the hammer in defense of the kingdom of Demacia.

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Poppy is a selfless individual who charges into battle to protect others, which makes her a prime Straw Hat candidate. The entire crew wants everyone to achieve their goal, which means that they will help Poppy find her elusive hero.

2 Miss Fortune Is Already A Famed Pirate

Miss Fortune is an ADC who can literally chunk a player’s health, and she would fit into the One Piece universe perfectly since she is a famous pirate in her own right. She patrols the port city of Bilgewater, and like Boa Hancock, she is a beautiful pirate who is known for her ruthlessness. Miss Fortune carries a pair of pistols, and she uses them to unleash more bullets than her guns should hold, which in One Piece, can be explained through the power of a Devil Fruit.

1 Yasuo Has A Great Backstory & He’d Give The Crew Another Strong Swordsman

Yasuo is one of League’s most skilled melee Champions, and if the Straw Hats were smart, they would invite him to join the crew so they could have another master swordsman besides Zoro and Brook. Yasuo can throw up a windwall to stop enemy attacks, and he can take out a large number of enemies at once when he produces a tornado with his sword.

Every Straw Hat has a tragic backstory, and Yasuo would be no different since he was falsely accused of killing his master — an accusation which forced him to kill his brother in a duel. The Straw Hats would undoubtedly help Yasuo to clear his name, and if they asked him to join their crew afterward, he would accept because he would feel indebted to them.

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