10 Surprisingly Versatile Anime Superpowers With Multiple Uses

Power systems in anime vary from classic superhero strength to traditional Japanese sword techniques, scientific alchemy to alien energy blasts capable of destroying planets. Some systems are more varied than others, and in any system, no matter how strong a certain power is, there may be others with much greater versatility.

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Yuuji Itadori’s cursed energy manipulation is strong, but as of now his technique is limited to his hand-to-hand fighting capability. Rikido Sato of Class 1-A is plenty strong too, but his Quirk has one function: to physically power up for a while before sugar-crashing. With time and training, any superpower can evolve, and it’s ultimately up to the user to work with their power and make it versatile. Then ten powers’ potential have been fully realized by their users.

10 Megumi Fushiguro Conjures And Controls Shadows (Jujutsu Kaisen)

As a member of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Zenin Clan, Megumi was passed down the Ten Shadows Technique. He uses his cursed energy to summon shikigami, familiar curses that he controls for battle, and he’s only limited to his summoning options, of which he has plenty. Megumi can summon rabbits, toads, an elephant, Nue (a large birdlike creature), a serpent, and his two divine dogs.

Each shikigami type has its own capabilities, and some of these can be combined, such as when Nue combines with the toads to make winged toads, and when the divine dogs fuse to become Divine Dog: Totality. Megumi’s strongest shikigami seen in the manga so far is the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, the Ten Shadows Technique’s most powerful shikigami of all and one that neither Megumi nor any other user has been able to fully control.

9 Sticky Fingers Can Do Anything With A Single Zipper (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Bruno Bucciarati leads a gangster team of Stand users in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo. His own Stand, Sticky Fingers, reflects his past desire to protect his father and manifested from his ideal for a peaceful existence. Aside from close-range combat ability, Sticky Fingers’ concept is simple: producing a zipper on any surface. But Bucciarati makes his Stand’s ability one of the most versatile in all of JoJo’s by using it for such a vast array of tasks.

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Sticky Fingers works for body disposal, items storage, goods transportation, and VIP escort. Golden Wind also shows multiple off-the-cuff uses, like when Bucciarati places “Leaky Eye” Luca’s body parts in Giorno’s hand or mouth, or when he climbs through walls of moving trains or trolleys. He can split himself and others apart nonlethally, or he can release the zippers from an enemy and leave their dead body scattered. He rode a zipper down through an elevator shaft to follow the Boss, then upwards to escape him. He travelled through the ground by repeatedly unzipping it while battling Secco. Because of Bucciarati’s masterful use of it, Sticky Fingers is one of the series’ coolest Stands.

8 Mina Ashido Turns A Strange Quirk Into A Powerful Asset (My Hero Academia)

Quirks are another varied power system, and thus, while some My Hero Academia characters can be born with naturally powerful Quirks, others draw the short straw. Mina’s Quirk falls somewhere in the middle, its base form just being the secretion of acid from her skin, and it could have been a much worse power had she not put in so much work to vary her abilities.

Mina’s goal to be a Pro Hero inches closer every day as she ups her arsenal of moves with Acid. Acid Veil is a shield of acid that blocks projectiles, Acid Shot rains acidic bullets onto a wide space, Acid Layback lets Mina surf across the ground and throw projectiles at high speeds, and Acidman covers her body in a layer of acid to dissolve any attack sent her way.

7 Kunikida Can Conjure What He Writes (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Bungo Stray Dogs gives its characters superpowers based on classic Japanese literature. Doppo Kunikida’s ability, The Matchless Poet, allows him to make any object that he writes in his notebook appear from that sheet of paper. It even works remotely and is limited only by the notebook’s size. Kunikida has mainly made things like grenades, flashbangs, pistols, and wire guns in the anime, but one episode showed him copying a key, and it stands to reason that he could easily make medicine, forge documents, or replace lost items as well.

6 Moral Is A Wearer Of Infinite Faces (Hamatora)

Moral is Hamatora’s first main antagonist, and he has a superpower to match. Hamatora’s version of a power is called a Minimum, and Moral’s is the Mimicry Minimum: the ability to completely copy another person’s appearance. Everything from his facial features to his fingerprints becomes an exact forensic match, and he uses this to pose as allies to Nice and the rest of the Hamatora Detective Agency. To activate his Minimum, Moral passes his hand over his face, and the transformation takes effect.

5 Kurapika Can Kill With A Handful Of Chains (Hunter X Hunter)

In Hunter x Hunter, most people can’t use Nen, and even some Hunters can’t. For those who can, most only have access to one of six types. But Kurapika’s aura capacity is immense, and he can access all six categories, making him incredibly versatile already. He’s shown that his main category, Conjuration, is versatile in itself with the techniques he’s created.

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Kurapika has five Nen-conjured chains that correspond to each of the fingers on his right hand. His thumb holds the Holy Chain for healing, his index finger has the Steal Chain that can take someone’s Nen ability until he returns it, his middle finger activates Chain Jail to restrain enemies, his ring finger uses the Dowsing Chain for investigations, and his pinky’s Judgment Chain wraps around an enemy’s heart and will kill them if they violate one of Kurapika’s orders.

4 Water Is The Avatar World’s Most Versatile Element (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra gave us powerful benders of all kinds, including waterbending masters like Katara, Ming Hua, and of course, the respective Avatars. While all bending types are versatile, waterbending might be the most of all. Firebending is attack heavy, and earthbending is often grounded in defense, but waterbending can do both, and its subsets make it equal parts compassionate and dangerous.

Katara turned rain into a dome, Ming Hua uses water as her arms, Korra froze a giant mecha, Aang and Katara defeated the serpent at Serpent’s Pass… So much has been done with waterbending, but what makes it truly stand out from other elements is its healing capability, where energy paths are redirected to heal wounds at a faster rate.

3 The Titan Shifters Add Supernatural Power To Enhanced Bodies (Attack On Titan)

The Nine Titan Shifters have varied powers, from a strong jaw to turning into a beast or a Titan built for carrying equipment. Shifters can already do so much more than humans: an enhanced body gives them size, speed, and brute force, and any preexisting fighting capability is amplified, as Annie’s Female Titan showed.

However, just one Shifter can become even more versatile, because by consuming another Shifter, they can gain that Shifter’s powers. By the end of Attack on Titan, Eren has the Attack Titan, the Founding Titan, and the War Hammer Titan, and given his level of power with those three, he likely could have had more if he’d wanted to.

2 Luffy Has Made The Absolute Best Of The Ability To Stretch (One Piece)

Luffy gained the power of the Gomu Gomu no Mi by accident, but he’s learned how to use it to its fullest during his and the Straw Hats’ search for the One Piece. What started as the simple ability to stretch his body like rubber has turned into Luffy’s own tool for everything from entertainment and fun to combat and rescue.

Luffy will be stretching his features out to make funny faces in one moment, then catapulting himself in the next; creating a shield or a floatation device with his body to help his mates, then landing a quick barrage of long-ranged punches on an enemy. His Gear Second technique shifts his blood flow to increase his speed, strength, and mobility, and Gear Third uses air inflation for raw power. Luffy can now combine Busoshoku Haki with his Devil Fruit abilities to perform Gear Fourth, where he inflates his musculature then hardens his limbs.

1 Summoning Jutsu Has Endless Possibilities (Naruto)

The core function of summoning jutsu is to call a target to the user’s location. Naruto most prominently shows its characters summoning animals for combat or other tasks, and even this is versatile on its own given the variety of species a ninja might contract with, how much chakra is used during a summons, and whose blood the summoner is using.

But beyond this, there is a wealth of derived summoning jutsu: amplification summoning, summoning Rinnegan, the Thousand Bee Stings Technique, Impure World Reincarnation, Ibiki’s maneki neko Iron Maiden… There is even Reverse Summoning, where the animal summons the user to their location instead of the other way around. The possibilities with a summoning seal seem endless, and the more the user can think on their feet and use their imagination, the more versatile this jutsu becomes.

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