10 Fantasy TV Shows To Watch If You Love The Lord Of The Rings

The Lord of the Rings is undoubtedly one of the most iconic movie trilogies of all time, not just limited to its fantasy genre. When looking for movies or television shows that bear a resemblance to the franchise, fast-paced and frantic action will get you close, with grand battles for territory in medievally-aesthetic worlds getting even closer to matching the winning formula of The Lord of the Rings.

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Expectations will be high when looking for something on par, so generally, television shows that act on big budgets in order to bring their epic fantasy worlds to life will be the area to search.

10 The Shannara Chronicles Sees Humans & Elves Fighting Off The Forces Of Evil Once Again

Like The Lord of the Rings, The Shannara Chronicles makes great use of breath-taking locales and scenery, making them the battlegrounds for intense battles between various races. In The Shannara Chronicles, the human and elvish races are prompted to band together and fight back against a new threat of previously banished demons.

Based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks, The Shannara Chronicles is packed full of action, adventure, and general chaos, perfectly filling that void left behind by the likes of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. It might not be up there in terms of reviews and ratings, but it is still worth a watch for fans of the fantasy genre.

9 See Is An Intriguing Concept Brought To Life On Apple TV+

See has its own unique premise focused around the value of sight and a world where it is a rarity as a concept. Within this unique story and the lore behind it lies characters such as Jason Momoa’s Baba Voss, who will do anything to protect those he loves, which naturally results in conflict.

See is blends of fantasy, sci-fi, and action-adventure all into one bundle that is certainly worth checking out. It has a compelling story and a certain level of intensity to it that should appeal to fans of The Lord of the Rings.

8 Britannia’s Psychological Turmoil Isn’t For Everyone But Is Still Entertaining

Britannia is a historical mystical drama that also borrows fantasy elements. Set in 43 AD when the Romans invaded Britain, Britannia thrives in its brutality and violence, while it also delves into ritualistic and mystical elements that make the series somewhat unpredictable.

It is a dark series with a setting and premise which hasn’t previously been explored to such a deep extent, making it an incredibly intriguing and enticing series that should definitely be added to any watch list. If you want more psychological chaos added to your fight scenes and mysterious storylines, then Britannia is certainly worth checking out.

7 Netflix’s The Witcher Is A Fantastic Adaptation Of The Novels And The Games

The Lord of the Rings excels in both its story about a journey and its grand battles on a huge and epic scale. While Netflix’s The Witcher series is yet to truly embrace and explore straightforward battles between armies at a great length, its combat and the general journey that Geralt embarks on, are captivating enough to put it in the same basket as The Lord of the Rings.

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Just when the show’s human interactions make you forget that it is a fantasy show about killing monsters, an outlandish species of monster will appear in all its terrifying glory to remind viewers what they are watching. The swordplay and choreography in The Witcher is exemplary even if it hasn’t been on display enough yet, with plenty more of the series still left to come. Regardless, it is certainly worth a watch for fans of the fantasy genre.

6 Vikings Is Perfect For Those Looking For Brutal Battles And General Conquest

Any show that follows the lives of Vikings, is no doubt aware of how brutal they were. The show Vikings captures this brutality and excels with its fight scenes, allowing every main character the chance to prove themselves in thrilling battle sequences.

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Although the general theme at the start of Vikings would be considered to be conquest with a general chaotic flow full of twists and turns, will certainly appeal to fans that enjoyed battles as frantic as Minas Tirith.

5 Marco Polo Catches Your Attention And Intrigue Immediately

Marco Polo sees the titular Venetian explorer join the court of legendary Mongol ruler Kublai Khan. While it leans on the dramatic and adventure sides in terms of genre, it certainly draws comparisons to The Lord of the Rings in many ways.

The series has plenty of drama and tension, with exciting and entertaining fight scenes and general interactions between characters. It explores a new culture, how Marco Polo can fit into said culture, and whether he has the right to do so. Its two seasons before its cancellation are available to watch on Netflix.

4 Sam Raimi’s Legend Of The Seeker Has A Dark Premise Perfect For The Fantasy Genre

Sam Raimi’s Legend of the Seeker is based on the fantasy novel series The Sword Of Truth by Terry Goodkind. It premiered in 2008 and ran for two season before being canceled in 2010.

Although its choreography and casting can’t necessarily be compared to the likes of The Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, and Game of Thrones, its premise and general execution still make for compelling television. It is a blend of fantasy, supernatural, and adventure, with a generally dark theme throughout, which will appeal to most fans of the genre.

3 Black Sails Is An Intense Journey Through The World Of Pirates

As far as chaotic worlds full of fast-paced action, deceit and destruction go, Black Sails certainly fits the bill. Following a band of pirates through the trials and tribulations of such a life, leads to shocking twists and turns, rarely slowing down to breathe.

While it offers different styles and situations regarding combat, with guns and swords being the weapons of the time, there is still plenty to appeal to fans of the sword-based combat in The Lord of the Rings. Lines can often be blurred between good and bad characters, which makes for compelling television and makes Black Sails a must-watch.

2 The Last Kingdom Has The Chaos Of Vikings But Also Political Intrigue

The Last Kingdom is another exploration of Viking life like Vikings, but in this instance, it explores the relationship between Vikings and Anglo-Saxons with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

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The Last Kingdom has its fair share of political influences but also excels in its portrayal of brutal fighting between opposing sides. Its pacing allows for chunks of dialogue to provide depth before and after acts of combat of violence, piecing together to make an entertaining show that is well worth a watch.

1 Game Of Thrones Has All The Brutal Battles And So Much More

Game of Thrones enjoyed a meteoric rise to becoming one of the most famous and revered fantasy TV shows of all time. It had its critics in terms of how it ended, but the overall storytelling and execution made for some captivating television.

There were several brutal battles that took place on huge battlefields, with each having appropriate amounts of build-up to raise the anticipation and intensity. Fans of The Lord of the Rings will appreciate this slow build, as it motivates and gets the viewer excited about the unpredictable chaos that is about to ensue. There are 8 seasons of Game of Thrones to get through, but it is a thrilling journey for fantasy fans.

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