Another win for AirTags

I recently bought 4 AirTags before moving countries to start a new life. I put them in each suitcase and they worked really well to track our bags through the airport, onto the plane and out the other side. It was nice at passport control knowing the bags are still at the airport, as a lot of time delays result in bags being left spinning around a carrousel for up to an hour.

Before my daughter started her new school I placed an AirTag in her pencil case knowing if she ever lost her phone I’d know where she was, and more than anything gave me piece of mind.

Yesterday my wife walked home with my daughter and got robbed outside our property. They dragged my daughters school bag off my wife’s back pulling her to the floor and dragging her along until she let go. They also stole a lunch bag of all things before running off. So the school bag contained her books, some AirPods, a jumper and the pencil case with her AirTag in it.

By the time I got there the attackers had long gone and with a description of black cap and sun glasses it could have been anybody.

Remembering about the AirTag I tried to track it but it hadn’t updated since the attack which I found strange and guessed it must have moved up into the mountains. About an hour passes and my phone sends an alert it’s been found 3 miles up into the mountains in a residential area. We get a taxi to where it last pinged and pull right up next to the lunch bag in a bush next to a field. Opening it up they had placed the AirTag in the lunch bag along with a face mask from the bag and some lip gloss, zipped it up and threw it out. Searching the area we also located all her school books thrown out one at a time down the road into the field.

Her bag, AirPods or pencil case was never found but I’m happy they weren’t badly hurt and we retrieved her school work and some belongings.

For such a low cost AirTags work remarkable well and I’m truly converted with their multiple benefits.

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