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The MCU is a vast array of characters and storylines dating back to 2008. Since its inception, the MCU has gotten rid of a lot of characters in more ways than one. However, they have also been good at bringing back forgotten characters for new and important roles.

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There are plenty of characters that should have died given the circumstances they found themselves in but they somehow found a way to persevere. Fans have been happy for the most part when characters have cheated death, though there are a few that should have died and didn’t, and fans wish that they had.

10 Bucky Barnes Probably Shouldn’t Have Survived Falling From The Train

While most fans love Bucky Barnes, especially after his character was developed more TFATWS, realistically he should have perished that fateful day on the train with Steve. Some have argued that he was only able to survive because of the previous experimentation done by Zola, but that has yet to be truly confirmed.

Even with some minor experiments, Bucky surviving a fall of hundreds of feet from a high-speed train into an icy tundra, and only losing his arm is nothing short of a miracle. He was lucky that Hydra found him when they did or he could have died in any number of ways in the frozen wilderness.

9 Red Skull’s Fate Was Far Worse Than Death

While many believed Red Skull was dead after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, it was revealed in Infinity War that he had actually been teleported to the faraway world of Vormir. For misusing one of the Infinity Stones, his punishment was to guard its sibling, the Soul Stone, for eternity.

Fans quickly realized that Red Skull had been guarding the Stone since 1945, perhaps staying alive thanks to the Super Soldier Serum he had taken or thanks to the energy from the Soul Stone. Either way, Red Skull’s life is a lonely one that is seemingly worse than death.

8 Jane Foster Should Have Been Thor’s Motivation To Beat The Destroyer

While there was no way to know how poorly Natalie Portman would be received by fans, a nice way to take care of the problem would have been to have her die at the hands of the Destroyer. This would have given Thor the motivation he needed to win the fight and defeat his brother.

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Obviously, the events of Thor panned out very differently, and Portman is even returning for Thor 4 after what will be a nine-year MCU hiatus. Foster easily could have been collateral damage if Loki was a bit more sinister at the time.

7 Loki Should Have Died Twice Before Actually Dying

Fans absolutely love Hiddleston’s Loki and are certainly happy that not only is a version of him still alive in the MCU, but he is returning in multiple future properties including Dr. Strange 2 and Loki Season 2. However, there is no way he should have been able to survive a fall from the Bifrost into empty space. Loki indicates that he found a secret passageway, but that doesn’t fully explain it.

Loki also should have died after being impaled on the sword that he used to first impale Kurse. Considering Kurse was barely fazed by the blade, perhaps it was all an elaborate ruse to trick Thor into leaving him behind, escaping his brother’s custody, though Kurse was strong enough to deflect Mjolnir somehow and fans never got a real explanation for this fake death either.

6 Extremis Probably Should Have Killed Pepper Potts

When Tony watched videos about how Extremis works, there appeared to be no clear reason for why certain people couldn’t handle the same dosage as everyone else. Sometimes the host body can’t cope with the outside substance and it causes the Extremis to overload and then explode like a bomb.

Killian injects Pepper with the Extremis formula, and she somehow manages to survive the transformation and actually ends up killing Killian herself. However, given the instability of the formula, Killian easily could have overshot (and probably should have) the dosage, causing Pepper to go up in flames.

5 Hawkeye Should Have Met His Demise At The Hands Of Ultron

In Age of Ultron, it was heavily foreshadowed that someone wasn’t leaving the mission alive. All signs pointed to Hawkeye when Ultron comes around a corner, firing heavy artillery. However, fans quickly realized that Pietro Maximoff sacrificed himself to protect Hawkeye and the young boy he was holding.

At the time it made sense to kill Pietro despite introducing him in the same film because of the legal issues with Fox. However, since then, Disney has purchased Fox thus nullifying any issues with using X-Men characters. Additionally, considering Pietro’s one superpower is super speed, it didn’t make any logical sense for him to not be able to take cover with Hawkeye and the boy.

4 An Elderly Hank Pym Got Shot Point Blank In The Chest

During a kerfuffle just before the final battle between Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, Hank Pym ends up being shot. He isn’t grazed either – he is shot at point-blank range in the chest. Luckily, Hope and Hank are able to use the tank on Hank’s keyring to get out of the building fast and seek medical attention.

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However, given Hank’s old age it seems unlikely that he would survive such a wound even with immediate assistance. Perhaps he was wearing protective material similar to Kevlar or plot armor. Fortunately for Pym, he was needed for the sequel and will likely be just as important for the threequel.

3 Dr. Darren Cross Is Only Becoming More Dangerous In The Quantum Realm

While many believed Darren Cross to be dead, many rumors began circulating that he was actually alive – and possibly well – living down in the Quantum Realm like Janet had for so many years. If Janet lived down there for so long, why couldn’t Darren?

Additionally, Janet seemed to develop some kind of quantum powers during her time in the Quantum Realm, so who’s to say that Cross isn’t gaining the same abilities and potentially even additional, more dangerous techniques. He may or may not be missing an arm, but if Ant-Man and company come across him in Quantumania they had better be prepared.

2 Janet Van Dyne Was Believed To Be Dead For Decades

Everyone, even her husband and daughter, thought Janet was dead for many years until Scott managed to make a return trip from the Quantum Realm. This inspired Hank to believe that Janet may very well be alive down there somewhere, and he was going to try and find her. While Hank did end up finding his beloved and rescuing her from the Quantum Realm, she probably should have died down there.

There appears to be a small city in the background in one scene where many fans believe Janet lived. However, one small city in a vast, infinite, dangerous realm makes her probability of finding it in the first place very slim. With Kang the Conqueror set to appear in the Ant-Man threequel, perhaps fans will learn more about Janet’s time in the Quantum Realm and just how she survived.

1 Fans Wanted To See The Two-Faced Tyler Hayward Go Down

Tyler Hayward started out as a nice enough guy, but as the episodes of WandaVision progressed, fans began to hate him more and more. On top of lying about almost everything, he framed Wanda for stealing Vision’s body when she did no such thing. He also planned to kill Wanda and claim that his programmable White Vision was the true Vision.

Luckily, Woo, Darcy, Monica, Billy, and Tommy stepped in to save the day. While Hayward didn’t die, it was satisfying seeing Darcy ram his military truck with a goofy funnel cake van from the circus. Hayward is later seen being taken away in handcuffs, but fans really wanted a more definitive end for such a terrible guy.

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