Git freezes when launching from windows task scheduler

"Git push origin master" command in bat file freezes when launching from windows task scheduler, but successfully completes when bat file is launched directly or from cmd. Anyone know wtf is going on ?

Basically, i have a bat file that pulls newest repo, copies some new files to repo folder that are needed, creates commit, and pushes it. I have newest git for windows intalled with saved credentials. It was working for few years without any errors, but since yesterday it stopped working and freezes on command "git push origin master", and gets killed by windows task time limit (it should complete in 5 seconds, but freezes and gets killed after 4 hours). However, everything still works if i launch that bat file myself. But, i dont know how to get any useful info from frozen git, it cant return any errors.

I converted bat file to php commands, and everything works perfectly when launched directly, but when launched from windows task scheduler, i get output "Already up to date".

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